Moonfall Movierulz

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Moonfall Movierulz: A mysterious force knocks the Moon out of its orbit, sending it into a direct collision with Earth at full speed. A few weeks before impact with the world on the brink of annihilation, NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) is convinced she holds the key to saving our planet. 

But only astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) and conspiracy theorist KC Houseman (John Bradley) believe her. These unlikely heroes will mount an impossible mission into space, leaving everyone they love behind, to land on the lunar surface and try to save humanity, facing a mystery of cosmic proportions.

No not like that. Let's see, in the world of destruction or natural disaster movies, Roland Emmerich is one of the greats. Director of films such as 'Godzilla', 'Independence Day, 'The Day After Tomorrow' or '2012' knows perfectly well how to make the world's largest skyscrapers a spectacle of destruction within a film and how to make protagonists run like crazy looking for solutions and survival.

'Moonfall' as a possibility.

Something barbaric you could expect from 'Moonfall' considering the mere direction. In addition to the impressive synopsis that, in summary, the moon is coming towards Earth... what could go wrong? Well, it seems that the problem is that almost everything fails. From the beginning created by the tape in which we are warned very soon that it does not have the quality that was assumed until an end taken from the sleeve without much reason.

Very little of everything.

The way 'Moonfall' could believe in itself is dissipated by an overdose of effects with no empathy for human nature. This, a source of inexhaustible praise for Roland Emmerich in other of his titles, is a disastrous resource that does not work and that feeds the disappointment of the public, since the impressive images that we expect from an appointment with his signature are not found in this one, remaining orphan of an amazing photograph, being rather a moderately correct exercise with slight hints of what 'Moonfall' could have been, but no.

From the moment one seems not to take oneself seriously, and it becomes a succession of scenes taken out of context or too embellished with special effects that do not finish filling the plot. A witty story with a good ability to amaze is dwarfed at the mercy of being saved by something, such as performances. 

Nothing could be further from the truth; from Patrick Wilson with the face of believing in a series B instead of a blockbuster and with a Halle Berry who does not finish marrying the character, the only moderately remarkable thing in the section would be John Bradley-West and a Charlie Plummer who called me enough attention.


In short, 'Moonfall' is a failed science fiction film that fails to dazzle and seems not to take itself seriously. A tape loaded with special effects that, in brief moments, amaze, but full of many failures that make it impossible to connect with it. Neither for the spatial section, nor for the visual spectacle, nor for a plot that makes water... 'Moonfall' is one of Roland Emmerich's worst films.

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