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Yash's career as a hero changed completely with a single movie called KGF Chapter 1. Now Pan has become an Indian hero. Isn't it an exaggeration to say that there is an Indian audience who does not know about Rakhi Bhai ..? His range changed with a single film, Kejriwal. Yash has expanded its market presence in the Pan Indian range. He also got a good market in Telugu

Recently greeted with the KGF2 movie today. The film has been released on over 10,000 screens worldwide. This is the first time a Kannada movie has been released on so many screens. Let's see if the response to KGF Chapter 1 came to KGF 2 or in our movie review.


Rakhi Bhai (Yash) heads the KGF (Kolar Gold Field) after killing Garuda in KGF Chapter 1. There he expands his empire. What did Garuda's Adhira (Sanjay Dutt) do to escape from the KGF that fell into the hands of Rakhi Bhai in this sequence? What was the turn of the fight between Adhira and Rakhi Bhai in this sequence? How did Rakhi get the upper hand over Adhira in this sequence? Raveena Tandon, who is the Prime Minister in this order... What decision was taken on KGF. ? KGF Chapter 2 Movie Story is finally about what Rakhi Bhai did.


Going to the theaters is more fun than watching some movies. Although the story is not big... Director Prashant Neil with the action episodes along with the hero elevation scenes, it must be said that the film gave full meals to the mass audience. As Prashant Neil did magic with Yash on screen. It is to look and enjoy without thinking about logic. 

The hero elevation along with the hero characterization in KGF2 is even more evocative with the action scenes than the hero elevation scenes shown in KGF1. A scene is less than aha... Another scene was screened by Bap‌la. Prashant Neil with Elevation Comes Action Scenes till Climax... The way Yash is shown on screen is great. 

Prashant Neil ran the film with his own scenes cum action scenes without a whole story. Yash as Rakhi Bhai who fell for it .. provoked in his own style. Yash's screen presence is captivating with every scene from the Rakhi intro scene to the climax. The character of heroine Srinidhi Shetty is so .. so. Sanjay Dutt's role as Adhira has to be further refined. 

Sanjay Dutt did as well as he could within his range. Raveena Tandon, who played the role of the Prime Minister, was impressed with her screen presence and acting at that level after Hero Yash. Hats off have to say that she excelled in the role of a true Prime Minister. Yash later dominated the film with his acting. The rest of the cast excelled in their range.

Camera performance is visible on the step. There are comments that it would be nice if the editor could sharpen his scissors a bit. Story lag here and there. And in the movie Prashant Neil Maxim Kathenti .. what is in it .. why is the hero doing that .. he was not even given time to think .. he served full meets to the mass audience with only elevations and action sequences. 

Looking at the first part and making the same level of expectations would be a bit disappointing. The background score, however, faded. Overall Ravi Basroor brought goosebumps with his RR. Overall Yash was once again bustling with his acting.

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