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One month after the conclusion of Moon Knight, the first Disney + series by Marvel Studios to feature a new character, the time has come for Kamala Khan to debut within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the misstep of the series dedicated to the Fist of Khonshu, Ms. Marvel has the arduous task of redeeming the television side of the MCU with a series that, like the previous one, aims to introduce a new character from scratch who - unlike Mark Spector - we will meet again next year in The Marvels, the second film dedicated to Captain Marvel by Brie Larson.

Will the series be able to honor one of the most interesting Marvel characters of the last 10 years? In the past few days, we have been able to preview the first 2 episodes of Ms. Marvel and we are ready to answer this question!

Ms. Marvel tells the story of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Muslim American teenager who grows up in Jersey City. Passionate gamer and tireless writer of fan-fiction, Kamala is a huge fan of Super Heroes and has a boundless imagination, especially when it comes to Captain Marvel. Still, Kamala feels invisible both at home and at school; at least until she, thanks to a special bracelet, she gets the superpowers like the heroes she has always admired. Will life really be easier with superpowers?

If there is one aspect that distinguishes all the Marvel series released so far, they can range between genres. It is now well known that phase 4 has not yet outlined a precise narrative line, but with serial products, this feature becomes even more evident. From the sitcom of WandaVision to the social criticism of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, from the science fiction of Loki to the psychedelic and hallucinatory trip of Moon Knight, all the Marvel series released so far - successful or not - have stood out for their ability to fully enter into a specific cinematographic and narrative genre. 

Ms. Marvel is yet another confirmation of what has just been saying. The first teen drama in Marvel style, after some influences of the genre also present in Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel enters the teenage productions of the last few years, with the fast pace and the adventure signed by the MCU.

That it was a hybrid, new product, straddling teenage drama, comics and action were already clear from the first trailers and images released by the Studios, so it's no surprise that what was promised to us actually arrived. Inserting the character of Kamala Khan right now is definitely a winning bet, given the "generational change" that Marvel is carrying out. After Kate Bishop and America Chaves, it is the turn of the young Kamala to take the reins of a story that unfolds after only two entertaining and well-structured episodes. 

The first two episodes that we had the opportunity to see give us hope for the future of this new heroine who has never appeared before in the MCU. The first episode, a real origin story, after presenting characters, situations, and probable future scenarios, leaves room for a second episode more focused on the action and on the continuous deepening of the characters, without losing sight of the genre at the intent of which the series is inserted. 

Kamala Kahn is a young Muslim, daughter of immigrants, and a fan of superheroes, in particular her beloved Captain Marvel, with whom she also shares a costume inspired by her. The young woman, divided by adolescent and family problems, sees in the events and adventures of superheroes an escape, not knowing that soon something could happen to her and transform her into one of them.

It is now well established that the latest Marvel series, namely the one dedicated to Moon Knight, did not shine for staging. With Ms. Marvel, if on the one hand the excellent editing and the excellent comic-cinema mix - already seen in different moments of the trailers - make it a visually particular and satisfying product, there are moments in which the CGI seems to miss many hits. , especially in the second episode when the action becomes the real protagonist. 

The powers that Kamala acquires - different from those of the comics - are at times rendered credibly, but some sequences are too static and artificial to seem excessively constructed and fake. The soundtrack is pressing, made up of mainly non-original songs, which manage to give a fresh, youthful, and bubbly flavor to all scenes, both action and non-action.

Ms. Marvel enters by right among the new teen-drama productions of the contemporary serial panorama and a bit like Never have I ever ..., Netflix original series (out the third season), Julie and The Phantoms, and a whole long series of productions for young adults, it manages to stage attractive stories not only for this audience but also for a much larger slice. It must also be said that surely this new product may not make everyone agree. 

We do not know how far the story will go and how much the cards on the table will be mixed, but we are still talking about a product that has teenagers as its target, therefore far from products like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier or Loki. After reviewing the first two episodes of Ms. Marvel we can only be satisfied. The series showed exactly what it promised, a Marvel-style teen drama with an original heroine with an interesting premise. 

With a dynamic, comic, and eccentric staging, embellished with a crackling soundtrack and perfectly in theme, the first two episodes of the new Marvel and Disney + series, while sinning in some points for CGI, manages to convince and lay the foundations for an ' interesting new production. Before concluding, we would like to inform you that the first episode contains an important scene after the credits, so we recommend that you do not skip it!

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