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Vikram is a movie starring Kamal Haasan, superstar Vijay Sethupathi and Surya in lead roles. The movie is coming out on June 3 (Friday). Vikram's movie has been highly anticipated with big heroes. Lokesh, who shot the film as a prisoner, also shot the film brilliantly. But today, when the movie is in front of the audience, let's see how the movie is.

Story: Lokesh Kainraj has released the Vikram movie in a very gripping way. Arun Kumar Vikram (Kamal Hassan) appears in the film as a retired RAW agent. As there are several kidnappings in the city under the name of Mask Man, Amar (Fahad Fazil), a police officer at the time, begins an investigation to catch the masked men and in the process, he learns about a gangster named Santanam (Vijay Sethupathi). 

However, Vikram finds out that the kidnapping is related to the offspring. Knowing this through a secret mission, what is this mission, and who is the masked man? That is clear from watching the movie.

Analysis: Lok Nayak leader Kamal Haasan makes an entry with a good introduction scene. Kamal's character says how strong he is going to be in the introduction. Lokesh Kanakaraj is the name given to stylish action. Vikram's film also starts in the same vein. Although the first half started a little slow, the sporadic thrills were mesmerizing. 

The introduction of Vijay Sethupathi, however, is to be expected. Lokesh introduces the role of Vijay wonderfully. The story and characters of the Karthi prisoner movie are also involved in this film. The first half was directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj.

Mind Blocking in the theater for the pre-interval block though. The best pre-interval is said to be blocked. However, Lokesh did not reveal the full story in the first half. The screenplay is awesome. Fans say that Vikram is the original Sisal Lokesh Kanakaraj movie. The cinematography is so engaging in every shot. Anirudh also burst into tears. 

Despite some negative comments coming in, Vikram says the film is good overall. The movie seems to have slowed down early in the second half. After that, the speed picks up as the twists are revealed. Lokesh Kanakaraj has done a great job with his amazing action, thrills, and twists. It is said that Vikram performed Vishwaroopam overall.

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