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Macho Star Gopichand as the hero and Maruthi as the heroines in the movie 'Pakka Commercial' directed by Maruti. There are huge expectations in the trade for this movie to be named. And let's see if the pucca commercial released today is really a commercial hit or in our movie review.

As for the story...

Surya Narayana (Satyaraj) Sessions Court Judge. Honest nickname. An innocent girl has to be convicted based on the evidence in a case that came before him. On this occasion, the girl commits suicide. The reason for this is an industrialist named Vivek (Rao Rames).

Judge resigns over girl suicide His son Lucky (Gopichand) is a lawyer whose lawyer is very honest. He sees everything in terms of money. Against this backdrop, in the clash between the hero and the father, what the hero did is in the movie 'Pakka Commercial'.

In terms of story, articles...

Maruti .. with the title of Pukka Commercial .. the audience said how this movie is going to be. Audiences will be able to smell the next scene as most of the films shot in other industries including Telugu are shot in a similar commercial format. In particular, Maruti tried to solidify the film called Pukka Commercial with its routine story and articles. 

Especially if you watch this movie .. Temper film shows a corrupt police officer .. how he became an honest person. He used the same format inch by inch in it as well. Maruti's film had a lot of shades of pornography made in its early days. Some of the dialogues that the villain says are vulgar, which seems a bit embarrassing to the family audience. 

These are the shades of the head under the direction of Maruti. It is not entirely clear whether the hero will also put the villains in their thirties based on law points. At the start, the hero's lawyer showed ingenuity. And the villain is logically far from like falling in love with a girl and getting married. Everything after that is a routine format. Overall Maruti's first half... The last climax scenes were screened a bit better. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. If you watch some scenes in this movie .. it seems correct.

He tried to impress the audience in the old commercial format as a whole. The songs provided by Jacques Bijoy are no longer so catchy. The title song alone is great. The camera work is good. It would be nice if the editor could sharpen his scissors a bit.

As for the cast...

Gopichand .. as always impressed with his acting. He played the role of Cunning Lawyer with great ease. Regular commercial hero impresses by adapting to body language. Rashi Khanna .. Lawyer Jhansi made a funny attempt. This character stays until the interval .. then does not appear until the climax. Sathyaraj, who played the role of the hero's father, was impressed with his settled performance. There is nothing special to be said about Rao Ramesh's performance as the villain. Ajay Ghosh also laughed at his own vilinism.

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