Bimbisara (2022) Kalyan Ram's New Telugu Movie Review


Bimbisara: Kalyan Ram has become a carafe address for experiments. Although some experiments in his career have failed, he is still making new attempts. Bimbisara is the latest historical movie starring the Nandamuri hero. Vashishta, a new director, has directed this movie. 

The movie has been buzzing since the beginning. Kalyan Ram will be seen as Bimbisara in this movie. Every poster, glimpse, teaser, trailer, and songs that have been released from this movie has impressed the audience tremendously. Let's see how the story of this movie came before the audience today.


Set in a time travel setting, Bimbisara takes place in two timelines, a great emperor named Bimbisara rules the empire of Trigarthala, declaring himself both a god and a demon, but he decides to conquer the world and goes to war. He merges in the flow of time. Then he comes back to Kali Yuga and tries to protect his treasure. What happened in Bimbisara's life in this sequence? What were the reasons for his life to become like that? Finally what happened? How did this story end? That is the rest of the story.

Actors Performance:

Kalyan Ram excels in both the roles, his transformation for the role is to be commended and he excels in dialogue delivery Bimbisara has an amazing cast but Viswanandan Varma's (Prakash Raj) character stands out. Also, Samyukta Menon and Catherine Tress are convincing in their roles. Very impressed with their beauty. The rest of the actors also acted well.

Technical Performance:

Kudos to director Vashishta for bringing a complex story to the screen, he succeeds in engaging the audience, however, he should have focused more on writing Papa's character. Bimbisara is grander. Though Chota K Naidu's visuals are good, most of the scenes have a heavy color tone and M.M. Keeravani doesn't have much in the way of songs but shows his experience in the background score and the rest of the sections do well.

Bimbisara's film is grander. Despite some flaws in the film, he tried to please the audience. Some songs are forced into the screenplay and some logic is not taken care of but all these don't seem so flawed as Kalyan Ram engages with good acting and some twists. The film keeps the audience hooked from the interval bang till the climax. The audience can watch this film which is made as a socio fantasy.

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