Sita Ramam (2022) Telugu Movie Review


Sita Ramam: Love is different... War is different. But sometimes love has to fight. Sometimes love is seen even in war. If both of them meet - Sita Ramam. Uttaram combines two different themes of love and war – Sita Ramam. A journey between a soldier who loves the country and a girl who loves the whole country for that soldier... Sita Ramam.

A North in Pakistan.. waits for twenty years.. for the destination to reach. It is a letter written by Lt. Ram (Dulquer Salmaan). For Sita Malakshmi in Hyderabad. The responsibility to include that letter falls on – Afrin (Rashmika). That is the last wish of his grandfather (Sachin Khedkar). 

Not out of love for grandfather... Unless the letter reaches the place where it is supposed to be, he will not get even a grain of chilli in grandfather's property. That's why she comes to Hyderabad with that letter even if she doesn't like it. Meets everyone. In that journey, new things and real truths are known about Ram and Sitamalakshmi. Lt Ram is an orphan. The army knows nothing but the country. 

Suddenly letters are coming in the name of Sita Malakshmi. No reply means no address. Reading those letters and waiting for another letter... this is Ram's daily routine. Suddenly.. one day he meets Sitamalakshmi. A friendship begins between the two that turns into love. Sita does not get any answer to the question ``Will you marry me..'' The reason is different. 

Sita and Ram, who met like that, will be separated again. Why did Ram's letter for Sita stop in Pakistan? Afrin, who shouldered the responsibility of delivering that message, did he fulfill his responsibility or not? Why did Ram and Sita separate? Are they both married or not? is the rest.

The tag line of this movie is a love story written with war. Why is that understood only after watching the movie? The director has done justice to this tagline as well. Balancing these two aspects of war and love, he told this story. The story begins with a war atmosphere. 

How did terrorists in Pakistan want to wreak havoc in Kashmir? The director started telling the story with the point. But when will the love story of ``Sita Ram'' start in the mind? The audience watches the movie with interest. Why did he give so much importance to the background of the war and the Kashmir riots? It seems. But.. the director made a justification at the end of that length key.

Whenever Ram starts receiving letters, this story becomes like a love story. Ram's journey in search of Sita, their journey - poetically captured. When Ram-Sita is talking, it sounds like poetry. Their words seem like a reply. People like Vennela Kishore and Sunil were brought in and tried to give a touch of comedy, but it didn't work. 

Moreover, it seems that both of them are not getting straight for some reason. Apart from that, there are no complaints in First Staff. The songs have become a part of the story so much that you don't even know when they will appear. An unexpected twist comes in the interval. That breaks the story.

This is a love story. However, the director has written some interesting twists in it and made it even more interesting. The real story unfolds in the second half. Emotions go to peaks. After knowing the background of Sita, the love for that character increases. Once they start loving Sita, the audience will love the love story from there. 

It's heartwarming for Ram to go and meet everyone who wrote letters to him - finally going to a sister and taking responsibility like Anna. Vishnu Sharma's character is very crucial to this story. This character, who looks plain and simple on the surface, new faces emerge as the story progresses. The nature of the story changes because of that character. 

As much as Lt. Ram looks great while sacrificing his life and love for the country, it feels great when he sees Sita - who lives in anticipation for him. Can such characters be cast only when the hero and the heroine love the old ones equally..? Seeing the ending given to Afrin's character, one cannot help but appreciate the talent of the director. Actually ending that character like that (you have to know how after watching the movie) gave more beauty to the story. 

That's not all. It seems that the director has used every character wisely. The last 30 minutes kept increasing the level of this story. When Afrin says, ``If you apologize now, I'm going to die.'' If a love story has an emotional ending, such stories will be remembered for a long time. ``Sita Ramam'' also joins such stories.

Dulquer brought this story to life. In the role of Ram... He got involved. His beauty, manner of speaking, way of walking, the way he cultivated emotions... he seemed to be the perfect choice for this role in all aspects. Dulquer's eyes exude romance. The emotion in those eyes will be known once again in this movie. Mrinal is a slow poison. 

Maybe because the style was chosen in dubbing... Mrinal's character looks a bit odd. But.. slowly after understanding that character and its nature, we love Sita's character. Afrin was seen in the role of a smoky girl. She was able to carry the change that came in the character very well. Sumanth is a surprising character. He did well. For every small character... by taking famous people, even if it is just one scene, it will be remembered.

Technically, this movie cannot be bent. This is a story set in 1965, and 1985. The audience was taken to that time. It is difficult to tell which is on set and which is the real location. The songs are a hit so far. ``Inthandam'' song looks better on the silver screen. The beauty of Kashmir has been beautifully shown. The words sometimes sounded like poetry. The team that has taken care in so many departments - it is not enough to show the twenty-year letter as a white jasmine flower. 

Hanu is adept at making love stories beautiful. This time he chose a very strong story. Finding a story with different sides and the support of a company like Vijayanthi Movies gave him more strength. In the first half the flat narration was boring here and there - in the second half he took the emotions to the peaks and used all the characters effectively - he ended the story with an emotional climax.

The meaning of love stories has changed nowadays. Without four or five lip locks in the scene, it doesn't feel like a love story at all. This is a pure love story at such a time. Calling the girl you love `Gaaru... Meeroo' from close quarters, without even a single kissing scene, the director should be congratulated for making a clean love story without lowering his head anywhere - without allowing sneaky glances. 

Rating :3.25/5

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