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Tees Maar Khan Movie 2022 Review: Hero Adi Saikumar and Payal Rajput combo Tees Maar Khan (Tees Maar Khan Movie) released in theaters on August 19. Till now, Aadi has mostly done concept-oriented, comedy entertainer and thriller movies but this time he has come up with a pure out-and-out commercial movie. 

Director Kalyan Ji Gogana has directed the movie Tess Maar Khan. The already released movie teaser and posters have increased interest in the movie. If you want to know whether Adi Sai Kumar will please the audience as his Tes Maar Khan this time, you have to go to the review immediately..

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This is the storyline:

Adi Sai Kumar tried a different role this time. Tees Maar Khan is a college student who has acted brilliantly. How he fulfills his dream of becoming a policeman is the original story. You can see the difficulties faced by Tees Mar Khan when he becomes a policeman. In this mainly some people from the mafia target Mar Khan. 

In the process, Tes Mar Khan loses her sister and her husband. What will Tis Mar Khan do next? The mafia don finds out who is doing all this. Will Tismar Khan take revenge on that mafia? You have to go to the theater and watch the movie to know whether you will reach your goal or not.

Tees Maar Khan How is the movie? :

Aadi entered the Telugu industry as Saikumar's son. Since the first movie, he has been doing movies that bring recognition. But, some movies did not impress at the box office. However, in some movies, Aadi impressed the fans with his performance. He tried to show variation in every movie he did. Now the movie Aadi has come as an action entertainer.

A commercial film has all the elements it needs. But, the story of the movie does not seem new. Many shades have been shown in Aadi's character. The whole movie revolves around the relationship between Adi and his sister. Many sentimental movies have come out. It seems like such a movie too. And the chemistry with the heroine Payal Rajput is good.

Tees Maar Khan Movierulz

It seemed that there should be some heroine glamor role in this movie. When it comes to songs in movies.. songs come without any context. It seemed like the songs were inserted in the middle of the story. It is not as if the songs are composed according to the story. From a technical point of view, the movie is watchable by the audience. It would have been better if more care was taken regarding the story of the movie. Otherwise, the build values ​​are good.

Cinematography can be said to be a plus point of the movie. Otherwise, it can be said that the minus points of the movie are the routine story, songs here and there, and the weak narration which makes the audience feel boring. Technically the movie is excellent. But, there is no novelty anywhere in the story. In a way, the audience who likes commercial movies and Aadi fans will like this movie very much. The rest of the audience can also watch the movie once.

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