Alluri 2022 Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer Released


The latest movie 'Alluri Movierulz' (Alluri Movierulz Telugu Movie 2022) starring Sree Vishnu as the protagonist. Another name for honesty... is the subtitle. It is a fictional police officer biopic. Coming to the audience on the 23rd of this month. Natural star Nani released the trailer of the movie at an event held in Hyderabad today.

When it comes to the 'Alluri Movierulz' trailer... 'Those who want to achieve something in life set a goal. Aiming is not a big deal. Achieving a goal is no big deal. But, have you seen that there is a struggle for that goal? The trailer starts with the words of Tanikella Bharani, "That's amazing". After that, the hero Sri Vishnu appeared as a powerful police officer.

Threats from goons to police officers and pressure from some political leaders were shown in the trailer. 'This is real life. There are no villains here. But, here the hero is the police', and the dialogue of Shri Vishnu is good. Full action, family life... everything was shown.

'Governments change once every five years. Have you (referring to a political leader) changed working in that government? Will change. If you insist that you have changed... we (police) will have to change, 'Police is not a person sir... Police is a system. In that system, if one police officer dies, another police officer will come, sir. If he also dies, the police officer will come again, sir', the hero's dialogues elevated the heroism. It was also shown that hero faced problems due to going against a politician.

Watch the 'Alluri Movierulz' trailer:

Produced by Beckem Venugopal under the banner of Lucky Media, the film is directed by Pradeep Verma. Sri Vishnu will be seen in the role of honest police officer Alluri Sitaramaraj in this movie.

Starring Kayyadu Lohar opposite Sri Vishnu, the film also stars Suman, Tanikella Bharani, Suman, Madhusudhan Rao, Pramodini, Raja Ravindra, Prithvi Raj, Ravi Varma, Jaya Vani, Vasu Inturi, 'Vennela' Rama Rao, Srinivas Vadlamani and others. Cinematography: Raj Thota, Composition: Dharmendra Kakarala, Art: Vithal, Fights: Ram Krishan, Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala, Composer: Bekkem Babita, Executive Producer: Nagarjuna Vadde, Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar (of 'Fidaa' fame).

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