John Wick 4: Keanu Reeves' kindness is truly admirable

John Wick 4

The famous Hollywood star has shown all her support for the new entries of the cast.

John Wick is a saga that has greatly revolutionized current action cinema: the first film, which arrived in 2015, brought to the big screen an iconic character, played by Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Dracula by Bram Stoker), who returns to fight after some mobsters have mistakenly killed his dog, the last gift from his wife before his death. 

A departure that seems insipid, but which gives so many great emotions. The franchise then went on in 2017 and 2019 with two other chapters that have equally conquered audiences and critics alike and now we are preparing for the arrival of the fourth title, among other expected spin-offs.

John Wick 4 will arrive in cinemas on March 23, 2023

Well, John Wick 4 is already making headlines and one of the reasons is soon said: Reeves himself. In a recent interview for Variety, the singer Rina Sawayama told how her experience on the set since it is the first film project in which she takes part. Well, the artist said that Keanu himself was fundamental because, as a colleague and producer, he could guide it wisely as he did with other new cast members. Here are her words.

Keanu was amazing, and that's exactly how you think he would be, so relaxed. But he took care of me in many different ways, a lot behind the scenes, not by telling me that he was doing something for me, but by making sure it was done. Even though being one of the executive producers means that he had a hand in casting me, so he was really crazy to understand.

No wonder the human relationship with Keanu Reeves, within John Wick 4, has been so mind-blowing as there have been multiple occasions that have demonstrated the kindness and friendliness of this star system actor much loved by viewers.

Source: Variety

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