'Adipurush' Movie promotions are going on - when is the teaser release?

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Adipurush Movierulz: Director Om Raut is making the movie 'Adipurush' with Prabhas in the lead role. The shooting of this film has already been completed. Prabhas acted as Sriram in this movie and the audience had huge expectations. We are eagerly waiting to see this movie. The film is currently undergoing post-production. It is being brought to the audience next year as a Sankranti gift.

Adipurush Movierulz: It is known that the film will be released on January 12. But the promotions of the movie are already starting. The time has also been fixed for it. It seems that promotions are going to start in Ayodhya. Updates are coming from the 'Adipurush' team from the first day of Navratri. First, they are planning to launch the teaser of 'Adipurush' on September 26. The earlier plan was to do the teaser launch by Prabhas. But with the death of Krishnamraj, there is a chance for Prabhas to spend some days with his family. Let's see if they will participate in 'Adipurush' promotions at such a time!

Huge budget for VFX:

Adipurush Movierulz: Producers are spending crores for the VFX of this movie. The graphics work for this movie is going on in Faren. Meanwhile, it seems that the digital rights of this movie have been acquired by Netflix. It is reported that around Rs.250 crores have been paid for this. That is.. half of the given budget. If this amount has come with digital rights, then we have to see the range of theatrical rights business!

'Adipurush' in Hollywood:

The producers have already revealed that this movie is not going to be released as a pan-India movie but as a pan-world movie. They are negotiating with Hollywood production companies for this. Prabhas' range has increased immensely with the movie 'Baahubali'. That is why now they want to release 'Adipurush' in English as well.

35,000 shows for 'Adipurush':

Adipurush Movierulz: They are planning to play shows in as many theaters as possible. How many theaters or screens are there in India? That is... say around 9,500. There are six and a half thousand single-screen theaters! The rest are multiplex screens. Earlier there were more than ten thousand. Some single screens have been converted into godowns and shopping complexes during the Corona period. It is heard that arrangements are being made to screen the movie 'Adipurush' on as many screens as possible.

Adipurush Movierulz: Four plays per day are shown in each theatre. There were also instances of five shows. So... 40,000 shows can be done per day. Even if one thousand, fifteen hundred theaters are left for other movies... if 'Adipurush' is released in eight thousand theaters? If some theaters have four shows, some theaters have five shows? Film Nagar Inside Talk says that there is a possibility of more than 35,000 shows per day.

Prabhas will be paired with Kriti Sanon as Sita and Saif Ali Khan as Lankeshwar in this movie. Director Om Raut will unveil Ramayana on the silver screen in a new perspective.

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