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Saakini Dakini Movierulz: There are more hero-oriented movies in Telugu. Heroine-oriented films are very few. You can count the number of films in the background of the heroine. One of them is Arundhati. Such a movie will never come again. Some of the films that came in the background of the heroine did not impress the audience. Sakini Dakini is the latest movie that came in the background of heroines. 

Regina and Niveda Thomas acted in this movie. No one even knows about the shooting of this movie, but the promotions of the movie have been done well. As it is a multi-starrer movie with two heroines, the expectations of this movie have increased. We have to go into the story to know if the movie lives up to those expectations or not.

Shakini Dakini Review: Story

Regina's name in this movie is Damini. Niveda Thomas name is Shalini. Both are undergoing police training. Will join the academy. The two were always at loggerheads at the training academy. But one night he sees a girl being kidnapped by others. Even if you tell the police about it, they are busy and don't pay much attention to the kidnapping. 

With this, both Damini and Shalini unofficially start investigating the case. Only then will they realize that it is not just a kidnapping... a big crime is going on behind it. Will both of them solve the crime? To know who is involved in that crime, you have to watch the movie on the silver screen.

Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali

Shakini Dakini Movie Analysis

What needs to be said in this movie is about the performance of both of them. Both Regina and Niveda were impressed with their performances. Both of them acted well. Not only their investigation. Both competed to provide entertainment to the audience. And all those who acted in the remaining roles acted according to their roles. Actually, this movie is a remake of a Korean movie. 

But.. the story of this movie has been written according to the Telugu Nativity. The strength of the film's story.. the film received the audience's expectations as both the heroines succeeded in doing justice to their roles. But.. in some respects, logic is missing in the movie. The music and background score are not much.

Plus points

  • Heroines
  • Comedy
  • Dialogues
  • the story

Minus points

  • Music
  • Background score
  • Screenplay
  • Second half

Rating: 2.25/5

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