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She-Hulk Episode 6: a nice filler episode that assumes its condition and resumes a plot that seemed forgotten

'Scarlet Witch and Vision' had so far been the only live-action Marvel series that had gone beyond six episodes, so 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' will be the second to do so. After seeing the first four episodes of it, I really wanted to continue with it, but both last week and the one we are dealing with today have left me feeling like they were small steps backwards.

It is true that the episode itself is honest and dedicates a break from the fourth wall to tell us that 'Only Jen' is going to be a self-contained episode and that perhaps it did not hit too much at this point in the season. That does not mean that it has not been a fun episode -although others were more so-, both in terms of the wedding and, above all, the peculiar case that it presents, but also that at no time has the idea of be pure transition.

Beware of spoilers from here on out.

My old best friend's wedding

She-Hulk's arc in 'Just Jen' has focused on attending a wedding of an old friend with whom she had long since lost contact, which the Disney+ series uses as an excuse for Tatiana Maslany to let loose a bit, meet a new potential love interest and prove again that Titania is no match for her.

At least not for now, because everything related to the blood sample leads me to think about the possibility that the character played by Jameela Jamil comes into contact with her and that affects her powers in some way. She has reasons to do everything in her power to humiliate She-Hulk, although they also fall within the light line that has dominated the series since its inception.

She-Hulk Episode 6/Disney+

All in all, everything related to the wedding has constantly oscillated between the nice - that companion they have prepared for Jen or the final reaction of the bride - and the frustrating - too many laps are already being said that Jennifer is much better received like She-Hulk and her resistance to accepting it-because the series where she stands out the most is when the protagonist has to handle a singular case due to the fact that someone with superpowers is involved. And here it has happened again, the only thing without any participation of the protagonist.

The case of Mister Immortal

A little worrying is that an episode of the series works better in the disconnected part of its protagonist. It is true that everything related to the women that Mister Immortal had scammed can be seen as a silly case since he is a character that we did not know at all and here he is presented as a simple liaison who has to start being accountable for his past actions.

It is not that what happened beyond its most superficial layer is never addressed too much, but there the episode has more spark, both for details such as Mister Immortal jumping out the window or the peculiar way of settling the legal dispute and, above all, for service to strengthen ties between Nikki and Mallory.

She-Hulk Episode 6/Disney+

I have no doubt that the series will pick up on this to emphasize the contrast between their personalities and how that can help Jennifer in some cases, but just as important as that is the fact that the actresses Ginger Gonzaga and Renée Elise Goldsberry show good chemistry, thus raising the base material somewhat.

That being said, 'Just Jen' is my least enjoyable episode of 'She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk' so far. It's still nice and I'm aware that the series wants to play this, but as an episodic comedy, I think it peaked with 'Isn't this real magic?', where the duo formed by Wong and Madisynn was pure gold, something that the series has not achieved again. At least for now.

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