The Rings of Power Episode 2 Movierulz

The Rings of Power Movierulz

The Rings of Power Episode 2 Movierulz: I'll be crystal clear: just over a week ago, before hitting the play button and starting the first episode of 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power', I didn't give a damn about the Amazon Prime Video series; but the first contact based—more or less freely, I have no problem with it—on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien has ended up captivating me thanks to his dazzling technical bill, a huge production design and characters that, little by little, are managing to captivate me.

However, despite my initial enthusiasm —not without buts, mainly focused on the imbalance of its plots in intensity and weight—, a great doubt circulated in my head: Would I be able to withstand the type of 'The Rings of Power' after the replacement as director of a J.A. Bayona who has done a really spectacular job?

After seeing the third chapter, entitled 'Adar', I have been able to breathe easy, because the director Wayne Che Yip has kept intact the essence of what has been presented so far; giving us another hour of top-quality television that once again shows off its huge budget to continue outlining the struggle for dominance in Middle-earth.

From this moment the recap starts, so there will be spoilers for the third episode of 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power'. You are warned.

Welcome to Numenor

The first scene of 'Adar' places us next to Arondir, who has been captured by the Orc hosts that continue to ravage the Southlands and forced to dig in a kind of forced labor camp that the creatures use to make their way through the ground while protecting them from the sun. Bad business.

The Rings of Power/Prime Video

It doesn't take long to move thousands of miles away; specifically aboard the ship that saved Galadriel and Halbrand from certain death last week. The meeting with its captain, Elendil, father of Isildur —yes, THAT Isildur— does not seem to be hostile at all and after a few tense moments, the destination of the ship is revealed: nothing more and nothing less than the island of Númenor.

After a dazzling presentation of the island territory that once again reminds us of the millions that each chapter has a cost, the cards are laid on the table. Specifically, those that explain the enmity between elves and humans caused by the domain of Númenor; differences that seem irreconcilable, as suggested by the tricky encounter between Galadriel and a Tar-miriel queen who seems to have enough to hide.

After agreeing to consider Galadriel's request, which requires a ship to take her to Middle-earth to continue her mission, the queen allows her now "guests" to mark her; not without first commissioning Elendil—whose name can be translated as "friend of the elves"—to keep a close eye on them after blaming him for having brought an elf to his territory, breaking the tradition of his great-great-great-grandfather.

As Halbrand, seemingly desperate to start fresh and put down roots on the island, ends up in a cell for being smart and getting into a fight after trying to steal a Smith's emblem so he can work, Galadriel finds an unexpected ally in Elendil. The soldier leads our heroine to the House of Legacy; the only elvish building that remains standing in Númenor and that is loaded with documents and wisdom.

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There, the elf discovers that the symbol that has been appearing in the series and that we thought was a seal is, in fact, a map of the Southlands; home of a Halbrad who, we later discover, is the heir to the throne and has fled to atone for his sins after his family fought alongside Morgoth. But this seems to be about to change after Galadriel proposes an alliance to clear the name of his bloodlines and end the dark threat.

hairy migration

In parallel, the endearing hairy ones continue to prepare to begin their migration, marked by the appearance of the stranger —or the meteor man, or whatever you prefer to call him— in the life of Nori Brandipié, who continues determined to help her new friend for many years. problems it may cause you with your community.

With the injury of Nori's father endangering his survival during the exodus, and after an emotional ceremony in which the fallen in previous migrations are remembered, everything goes to waste after the stranger, in a display of boorishness —according to the much friendlier and more familiar tone of this plot—, is exposed; putting the Brandipiés between a rock and a hard place after they are sentenced to leave last in the caravan.

Although, of course, everything ends up going smoothly after the stranger, grateful to Nori for her help and defense —whom he calls "friend" without hesitation in a very emotional moment enhanced by Bear McCreary's enormous soundtrack— which is still one of the best in the series—, loads the Brandipié car ensuring, except for last-minute surprises, the arrival at its destination.

The Rings of Power/Prime Video

Trouble in the Southlands

To wrap up, we return to where we started: to the labor camp in the Southlands where Arondir and other prisoners struggle to survive. After a confrontation with the orcs that claim the life of one of their companions, the survivors collude and try to devise a plan to escape that opens the way to the action scene that could not be missing from the footage of the episode.

After seeing their strength diminished by the sudden attack, the orcs decide to free a direwolf who begins to snack on prisoners mercilessly. Escape seems impossible, and when only Arondir is left alive after proving his combat prowess, the villains spare his life to introduce him to their leader, the mysterious Adar, whom we'll meet for at least the next week because his unfocused shot is the last shot that acts as a cliffhanger.

Without having taken up the plots of Elrond, the dwarves, Bronwyn, and company, this chapter has made the rules of the game evolve enough and has been powerful enough to make me count the hours until next Friday when the next chapter of this pleasant surprise entitled 'The rings of power'.

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