Godfather Movierulz (2022) Mega Star Chiranjeevi's New Movie News


Pawan Kalyan in 'Godfather Movierulz'?

God Father: Megastar Chiranjeevi and Mohan Raja combo movie GodFather Movierulz. The film is an official remake of the Malayalam super hit Lucifer and will hit the screens on October 5 as a Dussehra gift. The trailer and songs that have already been released from this film are not only impressing the audience but also making them have high expectations for the film. And the star casting of this movie is not usual... Chiranjeevi is a big star... Nayanthara, Satyadev.. especially after knowing that Bollywood's muscular hero Salman Khan is acting, there are huge expectations of the movie. 

According to the latest information, it seems that Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been roped in for a guest role in this movie. Pawan Kalyan is playing the role played by Tovino Thomas in Malayalam in Telugu. This character is the highlight of the entire movie. He is the original heir from America. And the highlight of this movie is Tovino's political speech... Pawan will also give such a moving speech in Telugu.

To tell the truth, it seems that Chiru has taken over this film for that role. Pawan's political speeches are currently creating a stir. And at the end, a dialogue says that Tovino and Mohanlal are brothers. They say that if Pawan says the dialogue 'I did all this only if my brother told me. And in the original, the length of this character is about 30 minutes... It was shortened to 20 minutes in Telugu and only three shots of Pawan were changed. 

I don't know how true this news is, but if it is true, fans are saying that cinema theaters are shaking. It seems that the makers have planned this as a surprise. Earlier, it is said that this shooting was done when Pawan shone on the set of Godfather. The makers are saying that they have planned this as they did not think that if this matter was disclosed earlier, there would be no surprise and fans would get the thrill of watching the film. And let's see what kind of clarity the makers give on this news.


'Godfather Movierulz' movie tickets at normal prices

God Father: Currently in the film industry, when big films are released, tickets are sold at high rates. In recent times, industry leaders are thinking of increasing ticket prices as an alternative to attract investment. But strangely, the ticket prices of big films released as Dussehra gifts are sold at normal rates. 

The bookings of movies like Godfather Movierulz, and The Ghost have already started in many areas. Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer Godfather is releasing after a disaster like Acharya. Tickets for this movie are being sold for Rs.150 in single theaters. And in multiplexes, the price has been fixed at Rs.250. Earlier, for the Acharya movie, each ticket was sold at Rs.200 in single theaters, while the ticket was sold at Rs.325 in multiplexes.

Realizing that the ticket prices are also the reason for the low collection of Acharya's movie, the movie bosses have now taken care of the case of Godfather. That is why tickets are being sold at Rs. 50 less than in the past. Even though they are giving the upper hand that their preference is to make the ticket rates available to the common people, the real thing is that the general rates have been fixed so that the film's result should not affect the collections. 

Also, distributors and exhibitors are implementing the same prices for Akkineni Nagarjuna's The Ghost movie. The advance bookings of The Ghost movie look dull compared to the Godfather movie. If the movie gets positive talk, it seems that the bookings of this movie are likely to increase.


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