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Godfather Movierulz: There is no one who does not like the movie of Megastar Chiranjeevi. But recently he got a series of claps. Fans are waiting for Megastar to hit one. In this background, Chiru Manshi Mass movie hit theaters on Dussehra festival. The movie 'Godfather', a remake of the Malayalam movie Lucifer, was released worldwide on October 5. 

Talk has already come out about this movie which has been released in five languages. Fans have wanted to see Chiru from a mass angle for a long time. But there is a debate that he was fed good biryani on the occasion of Dussehra. It is said that the addition of Bollywood star Salman Khan along with Chiranjeevi has given more boost to the movie. So let's see the features of the movie...


Godfather Movierulz Story:

It can be said that Godfather is a total political drama. A political godfather (PKR) is trying hard for the legacy of some. But no one's efforts go well. But the name of PKR's favorite Brahma (Chiranjeevi) comes out. Many hope that he will inherit the legacy of the Godfather. But some do not accept his legacy. 

In it, Godfather's daughter Satyapriya (Nayantara) is deeply unhappy with Brahma and prevents him from getting his inheritance. But Brahma Godfather tries to solve the family problems. In this, Jai Dev's character will make an entry... But why this character will come..? Why Satyapriya is unhappy with Brahma.. must be seen on the silver screen.


Godfather Movierulz Analysis:

Godfather, a remake of a Malayalam movie, has been reduced to a Telugu Nativity. So far political dramas have been hits. Chiranjeevi was not wholly seen as a political leader. But he was impressed by appearing in Godfather. Some changes have been made to the Malayalam movie. And since all the senior actors are in it, the film goes without getting boring. 

But with the entry of Salman Khan in the second half, it can be said that there will be some excitement. The story moves slowly with some dull scenes. However, the political scenes are impressive. Another feature is that the famous director will make an entry as an investigative journalist. Overall, it is understood that a good movie has been presented to the audience along with mega fans on the occasion of Dussehra. But like Acharya's movie Godfather does not disappoint.

Actors: Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayantara, Jayadev, Samudrakhani, Sunil, Brahmaji, Puri Jagannath.

Technology: Directed by: Mohan Raja

Producer: NV Prasad, Ram Charan, RB Chaudhary

Music: Thaman

Words: Lakshmi Bhupala

Dance: Prabhudeva

Editing: Murthanda K. Venkatesh

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