Ori Devuda Movierulz: Watch Ori Devuda 2022 Telugu Movie Full Detailed Review

Ori Devuda

Ore Devuda Movierulz: Tamil super hit 'O Mai Kadavule' has been remade in Telugu as 'Ori Devava'. Directed by Aswath Marimuthu, the film features Victory Venkatesh in a special role as Dev. The promotion of the movie was also done heavily and the expectations of the movie increased a lot. Mixing fantasy in the love story made it even more interesting. Has this movie released as a Diwali gift impressed the audience? Did Vishvaksen-Venkatesh impress the audience?

Story: Arjun Durgaraj (Vishwak Sen), Anu Pal Raj (Mithila Palkar), and Mani (Venkatesh Kakumanu) are school mates since childhood. Arjun throws a party for his friends for completing backlogs. At that time the mention of marriage comes. Arjun says life is better if he marries a known girl than marrying an unknown girl. 

Hearing that, Anu asks, "Will Arjun marry me?" Arjun also says ok that she is the girl he has known since childhood. Arjun and Anu unite in the presence of elders. After a year of making the cut, the couple will head to the courthouse for a divorce. But as Anu's eyes fell back in the court, the divorce was postponed until that evening. 

Someone who told all this before Arjun gives an address and says that you will get divorced there. This is where the story takes a real turn. Who is the person who told Arjun's future? What is that second chance that God (Venkatesh) gives to Arjun? Will you meet Arjun-Anu again? It has to be seen on the silver screen.

Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda Movierulz Analysis

Movies with fantasy elements generally attract the audience. But 'Ori Devawa' is not just a fantasy film.. It is also a film with a good message. If we don't like what we are doing then how can our thoughts be diverted and what harm can it do? In the movie, the director has shown the aspects like how we think in those situations when we get a second chance again. 

Arjun and Anu clash in the first half while meeting Meera. Arjun's trouble with a life he doesn't like.. It seems a little stretched with comedy here and there, but it doesn't feel right. But the sunny scenes in the interval are a plus point for the movie. In the second off, more emotions were focused on. A scene between Anu's father and Arjun is thought-provoking. Later, when Anu gets married to another man, the scenes when he goes for Mira's birthday gift are heart-touching. 

Flagship scenes are emotional. They showed the message that if something comes to you, you don't know its value, you will know its value only when it goes away. Usually, it is a bit difficult to make films with such sensitive subjects. If there is any balance, the story will be sidetracked. The way the director has managed the story without such mistakes and confusion is pleasing.

Who did it: It can be said that Vishvak Sen's acting lived in the film. Visual is convincing in the role of Arjun. Mithila Palkar in the role of Anu and Asha Bhatt in the role of Meera. Mani's character as a friend is fun. The rest of the characters like Rahul Ramakrishna and Murali Sharma were pleasing as they were. Victory Venkatesh's portrayal of God became the highlight of the movie. Venkatesh was impressed as a modern god. Rahul Ramakrishna's character is also good.

Ori Devuda

The final thing to say is: In terms of story and screenplay, the movie seems to be lacking. It must be said that the director has conveyed the intended message well. Emotion scenes are also well worked out. Venkatesh's character is a plus point for the movie. The cinematography, music, and editing were lacking. But there is scope to write dialogues better. It would have been better if the director had used it. The milk of comedy also needs to be raised. That seems to be the only minus. As a whole, the movie is appealing only to certain sections of the audience.

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