The Ghost Movierulz Watch The Ghost 2022 Telugu Full Detailed Review

The Ghost Movierulz

The Ghost Movierulz: Nagarjuna is one of the heroes who entertains the audience with different films in Tollywood. Although Nagarjuna seems to be the king of romantic movies, he occasionally comes up with different stories. And recently on the occasion of Dussehra, Nagarjuna came to the audience with an action thriller film called Ghost. Sonal Chauhan acted as a heroine in this movie. Talented director Praveen Sattar directed this movie. Earlier, Praveen Sattar entertained the audience with the movie Garudavega.

Garudavega movie gave a super hit to Rajasekhar who was suffering for a long time without a proper hit. Apart from this, Praveen Sattar's previous films Chandamama Katha and Guntur Talkies also achieved good success. With that, expectations have been raised for the movie Ghost. Has the movie Ghost released on the occasion of Dussehra entertained the audience? Or let's see now...

The Ghost Movierulz Story & Narrative :

While Nagarjuna played the role of Interpol Officer Vikram in the movie, Heroine Sonal Chauhan played the role of Interpol Officer Priya. The two succeed in an operation together in East Arabia. If the hero heroines who are in a living relationship do another operation, it will fail. And there a boy is kidnapped and killed by terrorists. Vikram resigns from his job in depression. 

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Priya goes to Mumbai and joins NCB as she doesn't listen to him. Five years will pass after that. One day Vikram gets a call from Anu (Gul Parag). He calls Vikram and expresses his distress that his life is at risk and his daughter is being threatened. Vikram immediately leaves for Ooty. There Anu gives full security to her daughter. What is Anu's relationship with Vikram? Did Vikram succeed in this operation? Or that is the story of this movie.

The Ghost Movierulz Analysis:

Nag did full justice to the character of Nagarjuna Vikram in the film. The action thrilling scenes in the movie will impress the audience. Sonal Chauhan has played the role of Priya. Along with action in the film, Nagarjuna also added romance without boring the fans. Besides, Ghost is loved by all the audiences as there is a family sentiment in the movie. 

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The twists in the movie will keep the audience hooked. Ghost movie is a Dussehra treat especially for those who love action-thriller movies. Moreover, the climax of this movie is brilliantly shot. Praveen Sattar, who raised expectations with the movie Garudavega, scored another super hit on his account. This time on Dussehra you can definitely watch the movie Ghost in the theaters with your family.

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