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Adipurush Movierulz

The release of 'Adipurush' (Adipurush Movie) has been postponed. Industry sources say that there is no chance of any more doubt in that regard. They have already told the distributors that the film is not coming for Sankranti. Why was it postponed? That is... the trolls and memes that came after the release of the teaser! Prabhas (Prabhas) has also received criticism from die-hard and hard-core fans. It is reported that the team has decided to rework the VFX.

Ravana's look is changing!?

The most important criticism of 'Adipurush' is Saif Ali Khan's look as Ravanasura, the lord of Lanka! There were trolls saying that he is not Ravana and has a cartoon character-type look. Director Om Raut and the team are thinking of changing his look. Not only Saif's look... Hanuman's and Vanara Sargin's looks will also change. Hence, from Sankranti, the film is thinking of postponing it to March 30 on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami or later in the summer.

It seems that the present 'Adipurush' VFX rework has started. How those looks will be known in a few days. It can be said that this news will bring joy to Prabhas fans.

BJP Spokesperson Malvika Avinash said that there are scenes in 'Adipurush' to hurt people's feelings and sentiments. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra also expressed anger after the release of the teaser. Brahmin communities in Uttar Pradesh protested. The priest in Ayodhya demanded a ban on the movie. A lawyer named Pramod Pandey filed a case in court. The film team also received notices regarding the case.

At one point director, Om Raut reacted strongly to the criticism. They said that it would be better to watch this movie in 3D on the silver screen instead of on YouTube. He explained that he has made the film in a way that appeals to other audiences and he is telling the Ramayana to the present generation. His words were not taken into account by the audience. 

The team hopes that the fans will be happy after watching the content after the release of the film. After the release of the teaser, the teaser was shown in 3D in many theaters under the influence of trolls. Then the visual grandeur to some extent became known to the audience. However... there are still criticisms on the looks.

Prabhas opposite Prabhas in 'Adipurush' starring Kriti Sanon as Sita, Sunny Singh as Lakshmana, and Hindi hero Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh. This movie is produced by T Series company. The film is being made with a huge production cost of around 500 crore rupees.

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