Emily in Paris 3: the season finale explained

Emily in Paris 3 Piratebay, Emily in Paris Season 3 Piratebay

Emily in Paris 3 ends with an unexpected revelation. Looking forward to a fourth season that screenwriter Darren Star has already outlined. Let's find out how together.

Emily in Paris Season 3: an unexpected revelation, in the season finale, calls everything into question.

SPOILER ALERT! — The following article is designed for those who have already finished watching the ten episodes that make up the third season of Emily in Paris. However, it is not recommended for those who have not yet started watching the series and for those who have not yet finished it.

At the beginning of Emily in Paris 3, the heroine is faced with the difficulty of communicating to Madeline, her American boss, and professional mentor, that she intends to quit and follow Sylvie Grateau, freed from Savoir and the Chicago company to which the agency headed, in his new business venture. 

From a sentimental point of view, she seems (!) Instead to have pacified: she has chosen to give a concrete chance to Alfie, a London businessman who ended up employed by the 'nose' Antoine Lambert, owner of Maison Lavaux and former lover of Sylvie. With Alfie, she thinks she can get over Gabriel and move on. 

But when, during a special mission in Provence, she ends up at the table of a starred restaurant with the Norman chef, Emily warns that she, among them, resists and insists on a feeling. This is also clear to those who find themselves in the position of witness to their agreement.

Subsequently – and here we are already at the end of the season – Emily, together with her Parisian 'family' and Alfie, goes to the Champagne region to celebrate the official engagement of Gabriel and Camille. The latter, as only Emily knows, has begun a parallel relationship with Sofia, a Greek artist. 

Emily in Paris 3 Piratebay, Emily in Paris Season 3 Piratebay
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Nonetheless, she firmly keeps up her appearances: she doesn't seem willing to question the relationship with Gabriel, blessed by her own family (but not by the legendary Gigi, the chef's grandmother). 

However, just when the engagement party suddenly turns into an impromptu wedding ceremony, Camille backs away and reveals, before the altar, that she cannot marry Gabriel because an old pact binds her to Emily - neither of them, in the name of their friendship, she would have consented to a love affair with the object of the dispute, Gabriel – and because she is sure that, with Emily herself, the one who should have become her husband is still in love.

The unexpected confession pushes Alfie to leave Emily and, thus, the latter, left alone with Gabriel, just has to recognize the "mess" in which she ended up. But the evening that was supposed to be festive still holds a surprise for her: Gabriel reveals that Camille had returned earlier from a trip to Greece (together with Sofia, whom Gabriel believes is only a friend of his ex-partner) not so much, as he had previously told her, to reassure him about the solidity of their bond that the chef feared in crisis, but above all to tell him she was pregnant. On this news, a real cliffhanger, Emily closes in Paris 3.

Emily in Paris 3 Piratebay, Emily in Paris Season 3 Piratebay
Emily in Paris/Netflix

Will Emily be in Paris 4? Screenwriter Darren Star reveals which directions the various characters will take

Series writer Darren Star recently revealed that the choice to introduce a new complication just when the relationship between Emily and Gabriel reaches the point of unlocking is dictated by the desire to put the protagonist of the series in a position to deal with the responsibilities of adult life: the intention is to configure an unexpected reversal between expectations and the unexpected. 

If Emily, in fact, had left Chicago for Paris with the sole intention of gaining professional experience, she will soon find herself not only redesigning her life plans, but also welcoming a radical change, confronting the parental commitment of the man she loves and, consequently, with the need to grow herself.

Darren Star has also anticipated that he intends to give the character of Camille greater centrality: with Sofia, the gallery owner has not only experienced the anxiety of having to reconsider her sexual orientation, but also a hitherto unthinkable way of living relationships love, a way that includes, for once, even excitement and passion, elements extraneous to the relationship, set up on more rational and quietly emotional foundations, with Gabriel. For her, in season four, the time will come to learn to live on her own terms, free from environmental and family influences.

As for Mindy, in the fourth season, the screenwriter imagines deepening the triangular relationship with Nicolas, a new entry in the third, and BenoĆ®t, a character we already know from the second season: with the first, the character shares the same privileged origin; with the second, the artistic passion. 

Finally, the time will come for Sylvie to face the problem of balancing professional ambitions and emotional stability: the return, in her life, of her husband Laurent reopens some issues for her, including her vulnerability to certain toxic dynamics, of which he is both victim and responsible  

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